In The Classroom 

Suggestions For Use At Home And In The Classroom

  • MarkersMarking the day or colored pencils are the recommended writing and drawing tools.
  • Always encourage child to do drawing on own. Even three year olds can draw the sun, rain and clouds. Until the child can write on own the adult should label the drawing of the remembered activity. If a child is hesitant to copy the day (or month) on their own the adult should write it using yellow marker and the child can trace over it.
  • Daily use of the calendar with the children in an interactive way is the main purpose of the rolling calendar
  • The writing and drawing on the calendar can be done by one child each day or one child each week. I recommend that an adult do the calendar for the first few days. This models the writing of the day (at the top), the date (at the bottom) and the drawings of the weather and remembered events in between.
  • Each child should have a turn doing a full week. After the calendar has been rolled out to review the entire year each child can cut out the week recorded and make an "accordion" book to take home.

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring All the seasons do their thing!

  • Marking (by fully decorating) the days of the winter and summer solistices and the spring and fall equinoxes is very important. Children need to know the seasons and this experience reinforces the cyclic time of nature.
  • Use a seasonal symbol on each day or at the beginning of each week for each of the four seasons. For example, one fall my class did a leaf rubbing for each Sunday.
  • The phases of the moon could be drawn in the upper right-hand corner of the day's square.
  • Use the same color marker for one season or for one month to write the day or the month.



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